Who We Are............

A Comprehensive Psychological Services Provider That 

Aim To Promote And Restore Mental Well-Being


Access to

Provide psychological screening, assessments, psychotherapy and counselling.

Awareness of Mental Health

Increase mental health awareness to general public.

Holistic approach

To improve an individual's psychological, social and occupational functioning, through a comprehensive framework.

Professional Development

Provide professional development for practitioners in knowledge, skills and competency.

Continuity of Care

Provide intervention that ensure continuity of care for client, as well as support to their caregivers.

This Is What We Think We Believe In Mental Wealth

“Wealth” is commonly associated with richness in terms of physical possessions and finances. Most of us spend our time trying to secure our material resources to make ends meet. However, this is usually done at the expense of our physical body and mind as we tend to overlook our ‘natural’ resources which are important to keep us energized so that we can manage our everyday stresses.

Here at InPsych, we believe in the importance of these natural resources as an endless source to our mental wealth. After all, a wealthy mind leads to a healthier and successful life. So start investing on your mental wealth today!

– Nafis Counselling & Therapy Center Since 2015 –


USCI Merchant Partner

USCI 1 card holder get to enjoy 20% discounted fee for therapy session. *limited to therapy session of selected therapist only.

More collaboration on it’s way!

We are constantly improving our service so more people are able to benefit from what we have to offer!